Lens Machanix Product Brochure

Lens Mechanix

What is LensMechanix?

LensMechanix is a powerful new SOLIDWORKS plug-in that provides the features and functions that mechanical engineers need to analyze and validate product packaging for optical system designs. For the first time, mechanical engineers can validate their opto-mechanical designs within SOLIDWORKS. This eliminates the guesswork, reduces costs by streamlining workflows, and dramatically speeds time to market. LensMechanix works independently from OpticStudio; it is not for creating optical designs. LensMechanix uses Zemax's industry-leading physics core used by OpticStudio and relied on by NASA.

LensMechanix is available today through the Lighthouse Program for early adopters. To apply for early access through the Lighthouse Program, visit www.zemax.com/LensMechanix.

Benefit Details
Simplify opto-mechanical product development Brings efficiency and simplicity to the packaging, analysis, and validation process for opto-mechanical products.
Package, analyze, and validate opto- mechanical products within SOLIDWORKS Inserts optics design files (including lenses, materials, coatings, sources, and detectors) directly from OpticStudio into a SOLIDWORKS assembly, so mechanical engineers can run ray traces and compare optical performance to the original OpticStudio output.
Save time and money Streamlines the workflow between optical engineers and mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers can discover and eliminate errors early in the design process, reducing development iterations and avoiding repeated prototypes.
Eliminate guesswork Enables mechanical engineers to validate the complete product. Builds the mechanical geometry with actual lens dimensions and eliminates the need for STEP and IGES files.
Improve collaboration between mechanical and optical engineers Gives mechanical engineers the tools to validate their own designs, and gives optical engineers the ability to receive and analyze complete designs, increasing product insight for the entire team.
View mechanical and optical designs in both platforms Simplifies the exchange of information between SolidWorks and OpticStudio. Improves efficiency and communication by enabling mechanical and optical engineers to share data in their respective environments and formats.
Use a full suite of analysis tools Analyzes optical performance within the mechanical environment without the need for full optical design skills. Run ray traces, run quick traces, perform surface power analysis, and more-all within SOLIDWORKS.
Use a full suite of validation tools Includes baseline tools, optical performance summary, and other tools to validate the optical performance of a complete opto- mechanical product design, including beam size, stray light, and optical footprint. No other tool offers this complete suite.
Create better prototypes Analyzes and validates opto-mechanical designs before mechanical engineers create prototypes, resulting in better prototypes and faster delivery to manufacturing.