Infrawave Optical Technolgies manufacture variety of custom made Optical Components and work with below materials.

Materials, we can supply :

Gallium Arsenide, Sapphire, Germanium, Zinc sulphide regular grade and Clear grade Znse optical and Laser Grade,Borosilicate Glass( BK-7), Fused Silica, Barium Flouride, Calcium Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride, Silicon, Cadium Telluride, copper, Aluminium And Molybdenum mirrors.

Coating being offered :

We can supply Anti reflection coating from 193 nm to 1550 nm, High Reflective coating From 350-650 nm, 420-670 nm, 650-1050 nm and 1050-1550 nm with Reflectivity > 99% And Partial Reflective coating for 190-10.6 microns with different reflectance and tolerances, Beam splitter coating for visible and Near Infrawavelength range as well As Beam combiner coating. Antireflection coating for 670 nm and 10.6 um as well As infrared broadband Antireflection coating for 3-5 microns, 8-12 microns as well As broadband 3-12 microns and DLC coatings.


Products being offered:

  • Lenses- plano convex, biconvex, mensiscus, biconcave out of all above materials As well as Diamond turned optics for Infrared materials.
  • Optical window out of visible and infrared materials.
  • Prisms with Antireflection coating as well as other coatings.
  • Mirrors, Fused silica, Aluminium, copper with Gold or silver or Dielectric coatings.
  • Filters, we manufacture filters from visible to infrared range.
  • Optical flats with surface figure like lmabda/10.
  • Laser optics- we can manufacture Laser optics with high damage threshold coatings as per customer requirements.
  • Mirrors, Fused silica, Aluminium, copper with Gold or silver or Dielectric coatings.
  • Optical assemblies are integral part of any optical system. We have a fully equipped Metal work shop including a CNC late machine to give all kind of optical mounting for our optics. We can make assemblies as per your specifications. Assemblies are done on class 100 workstation in class 10,000 clean room. coatings.